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1)  ON-SITE CONSULTATION:  We schedule a time for you and I to meet, and so that I can see your property/home first hand.  This complimentary visit is the initial consultation and will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.  I will take several photographs of your yard from each angle, and I will also take measurements of the exact square footage to be considered in the design.  

 At this meeting I will ask you several questions about how you would ideally like to use and enjoy your outdoor space.  If you have specific objectives in mind (i.e. increase curb appeal, create a gathering area for entertaining, add a water feature to your yard, or simply hang a hammock), this would be the perfect opportunity to share those goals with me.   

During this initial consultation you will also get to know me a little better as I explain my process in designing a custom garden.  I will also tell you about the specific qualities and signature characteristics that are the hallmark of every garden I have created. Photos of some of my recent work will be presented for your review.  Lastly, I will clearly explain how my services are priced. 


The total cost is comprised of:

  • project retainer/design fee

  • materials

  • labor

By the end of this first meeting I hope to have a good understanding of how you live, and how you could benefit from a unique garden design that is tailored to your lifestyle.

2)  DESIGN & PROPOSAL PRESENTATION:  Within approximately a week following the initial consultation I will contact you to schedule a time for us to meet again.  At this meeting I will present my overall design concept, inspiration images and preliminary sketches of your new garden, outlining the specific details of each area. Your feedback at this meeting is very important and I will make notes of any design elements to be adjusted in the design.  Within 48 hours following this meeting I will have the completed design, costing proposal, and projected installation timeline ready for you to review.  To move forward with the design installation a deposit of 50% of the total project cost is required.

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